USADA Doping Criteria Oversight Case

Negotiations on the doping control case were disrupted immediately after the following horse racing. Chapter U.S. Anti-Doping Agency said it was not given a chance to bring the agreement into effect. Already at the stage of negotiations, everything was stopped, although many hoped to implement this effective program.
The main reason for the start of negotiations on creating a unified regulation of anti-doping policy in horse racing was the situation related to the holding of competitions in Kentucky. Then a horse was allowed to the races, which did not pass the doping test and was under the influence of prohibited substances.
The main body that was supposed to regulate the doping policy in horse racing in the USA was to be USADA. This is spelled out in the Horseracing Integrity and Safety Act, which should come into force as early as July next year.
As the head of USADA noted, the negotiations, which had lasted for several months, were interrupted due to various circumstances. He never agreed to tell reporters what caused the stoppage in this process.
The CEO stated that his organization has always sought to regulate the sector to promote fair competition and fair animal breeding without violating various rules. But, unfortunately, the agreement was thwarted for several reasons unknown to the public.

Source: ESPN