Proper use of horse racing betting strategies

We hasten to upset you, but in horse race competitions, as well as in other sports, there are no win-win strategies. Well, after all, schemes help to choose the right course of movement for making winning bets. These are some of the most common scheme systems among professional players and beginners. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Does betting against a favorite work?

This approach is based on the fact that the bet is made against all horses whose probability of winning is estimated to be less than 2.0. In fact, here the more participants in the horse race, the better, oddly enough it may seem. And an even more inconsistent factor is that a positive moment for you may not be a high-quality coverage of the distance race, which increases the likelihood of poor passing of the distance by the favorites.

Schultz strategy or Dutch system strategy

In this system, it is necessary to analyze and select the event in which there is no clear leader at all. In such a situation, the odds for the winners of the participants are estimated from above 4.0. It is necessary to calculate the amount of each bet and the amount of probability according to certain formulas. And in order to make a profit, it is necessary that at least one of the race bets
is entered.

Strategic race system “Start of the day”

There is a general consensus that early competitions tend to be very young. Very often, such participants meet the expectations of both players and bookmakers. However, odds higher than 2 do not apply to such events.

Lazy horse racing approach – what is it?

The essence of this approach is to make a choice in favor of three favorites and make a bet on them, however, the coefficient on the victory of such horses should be estimated above two. This strategy is called lazy because you don’t need to analyze anything in detail and worry about the outcome, almost always at least one of the favorites will win.

You can win for beautiful eyes

The British can boast of a very interesting approach to bids, who often bet on a horse that has very beautiful eyes and a good physique, that is, it looks very personable and impressive. In order to choose such a horse, you can refer to Internet resources, or independently evaluate each horse at the racetrack.

There are no right strategies – there is a right solution

In fact, each approach is good in its own way. For some people, one approach will be comfortable, for others it will no longer seem so rosy. The process of studying the essence of all race schemes comes down to determining what would be convenient and comfortable for you.