Basic theoretical points required for horse racing betting

In any business, you need to start from small and move to big. This also applies to the segment of betting on horse racing. In order to become a successful player, you need to start with the basics – the theory and essence of equestrian sports, types of bets, strategies and the right approaches.

Pre-Race Analysis Basics

Before betting on horse competitions, there are several factors that need to be considered that affect the outcome of the competition.
The physical form of the horse – that is, it is necessary to take into account the last races, the nature of the animal’s performance at the last races and what places it occupied.
The experience and weight of a jockey – there is an optimal weight of a person who sits astride a horse so that the animal could move easily and freely.
Weather conditions are a very important factor because if it is raining or a strong wind blows, it is generally not recommended to bet on the competitions, since the results can be random.
The possibility of rest between competitions – you need to pay attention to the fact that the jockey and the animals do not rest too much, more than a few months, well, not too little, for example, just a few hours.

The main types of odds used in horse racing betting

It is clear that in the segment of equestrian races there are classic European, American and British quotes and coefficients. But there are also alternative possibilities.
Some odds appear long before the start of the event and are fixed.
There are specific odds that become available immediately after the list of participants is announced.
There is also a separate group of quotes that are made public only after the horses are standing in the courtyard of the hippodrome, and there is little time left before the start of the race.
And the last group of coefficients is the quotes at the moment of the start signal.

Key points to remember and take note of

The most important and necessary thing – before you start making a bet, you need to know everything about races: what types of competitions are there, where they are held, what horses are allowed and what competitions and championships are the most prestigious.
Remember that you could and should bet not only on the winner of the event – it is also necessary to consider options for wagering on those horses that can take prizes, that is, go into the category of prize-winners.
Do not forget to do the analysis before the races – its necessity lies in the fact that before each event the influence of different factors could be assessed in different ways.
And most importantly and interestingly, it is a player who is well versed in the sports discipline of horse racing who can win huge amounts of money thanks to high odds and correct analysis.