Ban jockey Robbie Dunne from racing for 18 months

The community recently learned that the famous Irish jockey Robbie Dunne had been banned from racing for 18 months. This decision was made in connection with his case on the pursuit of rider Bryony Frost. The case went on for quite a long time, and only now the final decision was made to disqualify for such a long period.
This jockey was faced with seven charges, which an independent commission on behavior reviewed. The decision to ban participation in the races came after four of the seven charges. The commission still has to analyze and work out all other charges carefully.
The reason for these accusations was that Robbie Dunne allowed himself to speak out rudely against Bryony Frost. According to witnesses, his words were aimed at humiliating dignity. Such actions were not single occurrences but continued over a long period. Other famous personalities in equestrian sports were also under pressure from this jockey. That is why the committee made such a tough decision.
Commission officials said this was the first such case in the history of British horse racing. Previously, the committee did not consider such claims and statements by women. The situation with Robbie Dunne will be a show for others and will not prevent others from doing the same.

Source: ESPN